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Make Boating More Comfortable with Automatic Boat Trim Tabs and Interceptors

Humphree Lightning on speed boat

If you own a 20-45-foot power boat, you know the exhilaration of being out on the water with the wind in your hair. Many boats can transport you and your passengers to idyllic locations quickly and safely, which is why people fall in love with boating.

But one thing can prevent an enjoyable time, particularly for passengers, and that’s a rough ride. A poorly trimmed boat can be uncomfortable on even smooth water. But add swell, chop, and breeze, and things can get much less comfortable.

A smooth ride matters, and three things play a big part in improving boat performance:

1. How the front of the boat moves up and down (pitch)

2. The boat smacking the water hard (hull slap), 

3. And the boat rocking side to side (roll).




Pitch is the rise and fall of the boat’s bow. A ride is most smooth when your boat stays as flat as possible, allowing you to see clearly ahead without the front bouncing up and down. Normally, adjusting the trim manually is enough when the water is calm. But when the water gets rough, an automatic system can make a big difference. 

It uses gyro sensors to instantly adjust trim and keep the ride smooth, making everyone onboard happier.

Pitch Animation

Hull slap

Related to pitch is another area of jaw-clenching discomfort – hull slap. It’s caused by the flat planing section at the rear of the hull slamming down on the water in choppy conditions. It’s physically uncomfortable and can be scary for people who aren't used to boating.

Plus, it can keep happening repeatedly for miles unless you slow down a lot. 

Automatic trim and stability systems counter this by keeping the bow lower. When the bow is controlled, the hull’s V-shape, or dead-rise angle, can do its job and cut into the chop. 

It makes hull-slap a distant memory.


Humphree Lightning brochure



The third area of boating discomfort is roll—the rocking motion or lack of beam-to-beam stability. Caused by a side-on or trailing swell, roll is the main cause of seasickness for passengers. It also makes it very uncomfortable for the driver because roll, particularly in a trailing swell, is usually accompanied by the need to counter-steer. Every boat owner knows it’s awful.

Again, an automatic trim and stability system such as Humphree Lightning can effectively counteract the discomfort of roll. It works by operating the port and starboard trim interceptors independently, applying real-time adjustment that keeps the boat much more level and stable across the beam.


A comfortable boating experience

For anyone wanting a smoother ride on their 20-45-foot boat, the Humphree Lightning system is a great choice. It helps make boating more enjoyable for you and your passengers by tackling the main causes of discomfort on the water. It also comes with different software options to fit your needs and budget.  

Learn more about how Humphree Lightning can upgrade your boating experience.